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Media Coverage of Businesses


Almshouses - An old idea to help out elderly people
The Good Work of Elias Davy
Elis David Almshouses


Happy Times at Handleys
Family Business With Great Spirit
Time at brickworks served me well
Recollections of my life as a girl
How every picture tells a story - recollections
Many Faces of Christmas Past
Men of Kiln and Kin
Mysterious Childhood Secrets
Remember GI Sid Shufflebotham?
Hard Work at Handleys Kiln
Remembering Brickworkers
Hadleys Brickworks Reunion
Ray Remembers - Woodside Brickworks


Rich Farmland of Addiscombe
Praise for Norbury Farm


Seeking clues to life in the past
When Cheetahs Dined in Croydon
Kennards Menagerie in Store
Festive Midgets on Horseback
The Story of Alders Department Store
Lack Bros Drapery Store - Can you help ?


Trojan Vehicle Manufacture


Trading at the Hart of Surrey Street Market
The Curd Family were Hawkers as well as Surrey Street Traders
Retracing the family business
The Old Croydon Power Station
Factory Days - Powers Accounting Machines
Philanthropist Behind Telex
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Factory in the Firing Line

Last modified: 10th November 2010