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Memories will be shared at family event

Originally published on 5th July 2001

Date set for reunion of brickworks' employees

Barnaby Jones talks to Edward Handley who feels that this is an occassion he should have planned a long time ago.

Following our series of articles looking back at Handley's Brickworks, we have had a great response from readers, many of them reminiscing on time spent there.

This has urged Edward Handley, son of the late owner, to hold a reunion for all past employees and their families who share memories of the Woodside brickworks until it closed in 1974.

The reunion is due to start at 12 noon and there will be a buffet provided by Mr. Handley, with drinks available at the bar.

Mr. Handley said: "It means a great deal to me. I rather feel I should have done it a long time ago."

The memories of Handley's would perhaps not have been stirred if it were not for Steve Collins, who asked Mr. Handley to write an article for his book about Addiscombe.

It was from there that the Guardian wrote its first in a series of articles about this brickworks firm and got such an excellent response form readers that Mr. Handley felt a reunion of past workers was needed.

He said: "It will be nice to see all the members of staff and their families again."

On the subject of the recent series of articles featured in the Guardian, he said: "I have very much enjoyed them, they have brought back a lot of memories."

If you are a past employee of the brick works and would like to join the reuinion you can contact Edward Handley on 0208 654 1006 or write to him at 38 Sandilands, East Croydon, CR0.5DB.

Alternately you can write to Kerry McQueeney at the Croydon Guardian, Ekman Cleave House, 854 Brighton Road, Purley CR8.2UX.

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