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Chargeable Services

Unfortunately we cannot offer all of the services for free. Where charges are incurred by the residents association those costs must be passed on to the user. Wherever possible these services are provided free or at competitive rates.

Free Services

Service Description Cost
Household Email An Email address based on the house number and road name will be issued to occupants on request. See the Free Email page for more information. FREE
Telephone Dialler A telephone dialler is available for access to the internet. The dialler installation CD is available from your Residents Association. For more information see the Dialler page. FREE
Support Assistance Available via your Residents Association, or Email via the Web Site. FREE

Chargeable Services

Service Description Cost
Telephone Calls Telephone access via the Dialler is charged at approximately 1p per minute on your phone bill. 1 pence / minute.
Personal Email A Personal Email service includes an Email in the form of This service includes an anti-virus & spam filter. 20 / year.
Broadband Broadband is available to all BT users. This is an unlimited service, which has an initial set-up fee and a monthly charge is applicable. For more details about this service see our Broadband Service page. The cost of this service depends on the connection speed chosen. Price on Application

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Last modified: 10th November 2010