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Researchers Dedicate Book to Addiscombe's Local Hero

The researchers of the Book of Addiscombe, Volume Two, this week praised Albert Jackson, who revealed himself as a bit of local leg­end as the group collated informa­tion to make the second volume of the series.

The group came across the story of Albert Jackson courtesy of a letter from the man's grandson.

As Albert Jackson made a consid­erable contribution to Addiscombe's community, the book's researchers thought it was fitting to dedicate the book to him.

Steve Collins, chair of the Canning and Clyde Roads Residents Association and one of the book's researchers, said: "We dedicated this second book to Albert Jackson because the more we researched, the more of a good geezer he became and he does look rather dashing !

"For your information he also put in the public toilet at the corner of Morland and Lower Addiscombe Roads. This guy could sing and dance; he could do just about any­thing, including making the most wonderful shoes and signing to deaf people. I think we ought to start a statue campaign." An extract from the book is by Albert Jackson's grandson Peter Lockley, who recalled his memories of his grandfather's shoe shop. He said: "My memories are more of the workshop, where the shoes were made and repaired by mainly deaf and dumb workers. My grandfather took both his Christian and Council duties seriously and this is why he employed disabled workers. He learnt to 'sign for the deaf' so that he as well as the foreman could converse with his workers." The Book of Addiscombe Volume 2".

Additionally, a PowerPoint presentation by some of the book's contributors will also be taking place in Ashburton Library on the same evening.

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