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Can you help find bomber Leonard ?

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The RAF Crewman was from Croydon. The seven man RAF crew were from left to right.

  • Sgt RP Cane (Rear Gunner).
  • Sgt JA Webb (Mid-Upper Gunner).
  • Sgt RJ Martin (Wireless Operator).
  • SLS Buckingham (Bomb Aimer) Circled in picture.
  • OWGR Robertson (Navigator).
  • Sgt GF Clarke (Flight Engineer and Melanie's dad).
  • LHF Breakspear (Pilot).

A woman from New Zealand believes that Croydon Residents may hold the clues to the help trace the last member of her fathers crew. Her Father was George F Clarke. He flew with the RAF in the 100 squadron & 460 squadron (Special Duties Flight). So far Melanie has been able to track down the other five crew members, from her home in Lower Hutt, North Island.

Her search has taken over 12 months. The final crew members parents had a public house in Hastings, later taken over by Len's brother when his parents retired.

An old school friend from Hastings Grammar School had met Len by chance in a South Croydon public house some time ago, and it is hoped that he is still living in the Croydon area.

Lens original home was the Bedford Pub in Queens Road, Hastings until it was bombed on 5th October 1940. His parents were rescued and taken to the Manor pub in Hastings.

The RAF 100 squadron was based at Waltham and the 460 squadron was based at Binbrook between 1943 and 1944.

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