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Book proves a labour of love for residents' group

A labour of love that united the Addiscombe community has come to fruition with the publication of a comprehensive heritage book.

The Book of Addiscombe produced by the Canning and Clyde Residents Association and friends, details the history of the area and aims to provide a comprehensive guide to how and why Addiscombe and surrounding area came to be the vibrant community it is today. Complete with many evocative photographs and illustrations, the book sold 600 copies in advance, with copies promised to all local schools and libraries.

The project initially aimed to produce a small scale paperback book to satisfy the curiosities of residents who inundated the residents' association with enquiries about the areas past. Funding in the form of a Millennium Awards for all grant soon followed before the project took on a life of its own thanks to a hardback publishing deal with heritage specialists Halsgrove.

And in a feat of Blitz-type spirit the 60-plus contributors to the book managed to complete it by October, despite only starting in March.

With the book now published and available in time for Christmas, residents' association chairman Steve Collins is well aware of the enormity of the task just completed.

He told the Guardian : "The Millennium Award was granted so we could produce something that would be enduring for the community and I can't think of anything more enduring. In 100 years time someone will tread the path that we've just trodden and will find this book."

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