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How to Use a Webmail Service

What is Webmail

Webmail is an easy way to send and receive Emails. It users any Internet browser and it therefore more flexible than Microsoft Outlook Express. It can also be access from any computer anywhere in the world, including some hand held portable computers, PDA's and phones.

How to Use Webmail

Start your Internet browser.

In the address box type, "" and press the enter key.

Wait for the Webmail log-on screen to open and then enter you User Name and Password.

Once entered correctly your Inbox will be displayed, with any Emails that are waiting to be read.

  • To read an Email click on the Subject link.
  • To reply to an Email click on the From link.
  • To delete a message from the inbox tick the box to the left of it and then select Delete from the Actions drop down box.
  • To create a list of known addresses, click on the Addresses link at the top and edit them in the entry form.
  • To send an Email click on the compose link.

To set your default preferences click on the preferences link. Preferences are used to set defaults. It is recommended that you set the default format to plain text in order to reduce the risk of attack from spam and viruses that might otherwise be run in HTML mode.

Last modified: 10th November 2010