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Whilst most people have heard of viruses and spyware, few people realise that they need protection from hackers and worms.

Worms are clever type of virus that search for new PC's to infect and then allow their owner (the hacker) to access that PC.

A firewall can be used to stop them finding the PC and will prevent unwanted access to it.

There are several types of firewall:

All of them will need to be configured to ensure that you are safe from attack. As there are many different versions we are not going to attempt to provide set-up advice for these.

ZoneAlarm is a free firewall program that you can download. It is reasonably effective and it is recommended for anyone that is not using Windows XP and has no other firewalls running. For higher protection you will need to purchase the more advanced version.

Again most of the well know Anti-Virus suppliers also provide software firewalls.

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Last modified: 10th November 2010